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If an extended, pure top end, the ability to hear the nuance and technique of a virtuoso, along with lightning-quick dynamics appeal to you, then this is a cartridge family for you.

With a Van den Hul cartridge, the music commands your attention.

We've found that with a great setup and supporting gear, and cartridges like the Van den Huls, Lyras, Dynavectors and Kuzmas, there's no conflict between "accuracy" and "musicality".  It's only with setup errors or incompatible equipment where this becomes a question.

We had a long demo session with a customer who brought his XGW Crimson Stradivarius to our shop – to check for compatibility with a Kuzma 4Point tonearm (he wanted to hear  his sample on the Kuzma). 

The Kuzma Van den Hul is a wonderful match and you can read about that session here.

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