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Cartridges by Lyra

Galibier Design - Lyra Atlas Lamda

Truth and honesty is Lyra’s calling card

One of the most beautiful upper frequency presentations we’ve ever heard.

They are honest however, so don’t shoot the messenger, and don’t expect a Lyra to “fix” problems elsewhere in your system.  They’re a “thinking man’s” cartridge, but a cartridge that conveys emotion at the same time.

In earlier years, we always thought the frequency balance of Lyras to be a bit lacking in bottom end authority.  The past two generations coming from Lyra have solved this problem and they are now perfectly balanced, and with this, the emotional content of the music is powerful.

With a Lyra (set up correctly, of course) you’ll hear a perfect balance of notes – from initial attack through decay.  You’ll unravel complex, interweaving musical lines which may (for the first time in your experience) be intelligible.

Contact us to discuss the best match for your musical aesthetics, and what works best for your system.