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Speaker – Wind River

Galibier Design - Wind River Speaker Cables
Wind River with Furutech FT-211(G) Spade Lugs

The NiWatt amplifiers showed us the way.  They are extremely revealing, and every speaker cable we tried had some sort of flaw.  The NiWatts are truth-tellers.

During prototyping, we evaluated the Wind River cables in low and medium efficiency systems.  We  made minor adjustments, and are comfortable in saying that these cables have near-universal compatibility.  Here’s a bit of background on their development.

Contact us for details on our satisfaction guarantee.

Every pair of NiWatt amplifiers sold will be delivered with a single wire set of these cables (biwire optional).


Galibier Design - Furtech Spade Lug

    • 9 gauge, tinned copper (no, it’s not Duelund – we manufacture the wire to our specifications)
    • Gold plated copper Furutech FT-211(G) spade lugs.  Furutech FT-212(G) Bananas are optional
    • Cotton sleeving for best dielectric performance
    • Click the “Technical” link (thumbnail, below) for more  details
Introductory Pricing for single run with either Furutech FT-211(G) spade lugs or FT-212(G) bananas:
    • 4 feet: $995
    • 6 feet: $1,095
    • 8 feet: $1,195
    • longer lengths available (inquire)
Galibier Design - Furtech Spade Plugs
Wind River Cable with Furutech FT-211(G) Spade Lugs
Galibier Design - Furtech Banana Plugs
Wind River Cable with Furutech FT-212(G) Bananas
Banana Plugs – Furutech FT-212(G):

Galibier Design - Furtech Banana PlugUntil we found the Furutechs, we haven’t been able to endorse a suitable banana connector alternative to high quality spades. 

While the ETI bananas are very good, they could not accommodate our 9 gauge cable. 

The Furutechs are every bit as good as the ETI bananas and have the added bonus of a secure and easily handled locking mechanism.

Bi-wire Pairs

Our general recommendation is to run separate speaker cables for flexibility:

    • One set terminated with spades at both ends
    • The second set employing a half set of bananas – terminated with bananas at the amplifier end and spades at the speaker end
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