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Galibier Design Setup Tools - Feickert ProtractorYes, we still like arc protractors, because they help resolve the ambiguity – whether overhang needs to be adjusted or pivot to spindle distance.

The Feickert protractor takes this one step further, with the trammel which helps you set the pivot to spindle distance.

The fact that it can be used for multiple tonearm lengths is an added bonus.

We worked with a Reed 2P tonearm for which we couldn’t position the cartridge correctly when setting the documented pivot to spindle length. 

With the help of the Feickert it was a simple matter to establish new geometry (pick either Baerwaald, Löefgren or Stevenson) by experimenting with various pivot to spindle distances.  This would not have been possible with a single, dedicated arc protractor.

Price is $249.  Contact us for details about the Feickert Protractor.