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Galibier Design Setup Tools - Feickert Protractor

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Yes, we still like arc protractors, because they're the most precise tools for the job.  

With every tonearm we sell, we print an arc protractor for you to familiarize yourself with the concept.  Laser printers have inherent inaccuracies however, and we don't recommend these as the last word in precision, but these will help you familiarize yourself with them, and you will know if the tool suits your work style.  

Arc protractors present a learning curve for many, and they are specific to one tonearm length and geometry.  

So if you own several tonearms with different length specifications, you'll need one arc protractor for each one.

The Feickert protractor works with any tonearm, and it allows you to precisely set the pivot to spindle distance, eliminating any ambiguity (is my overhang off or is it the pivot to spindle distance?)

You need to establish the bearing center in some way.  Tonearms like the Kuzmas, Schröders, Tri-Planars, Durands and such have some sort of machine marking or other indicator to assist you.  

We developed a method to find the bearing center on the Jelco arm, with its unmarked bearing center.  Click the photo to see how we did this.

Galibier Design - v

Click to learn our Jelco "trick"

We prefer to use an arc protractor to set the overhang and offset angle (zenith), and our favorite tool combination is to use a Feckert for setting / verifying pivot to spindle, and the "Best Protractor" from Mint LP.  

Yip at MintLP is a gentleman of the highest degree, and his attention to detail is second to none.  The arc protractor you get from Yip will have a spindle hole diameter for your turntable.  Record spindle diameters vary, per the RIAA specification.  Did we mention that Yip's attention to detail is second to none?

Having said that, if forced to take one tool on the road to perform a customer setup, it would be the Feickert.

All parts are aluminum - no wiggly/wobbly plastic as with some other similar tools.  Just buy one.  You need this tool.

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