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Azimuth Gauge

We've received several requests to fabricate the azimuth gauge we document in our downloadable setup reports.

The gauge consists of an acrylic block, to which a metric measuring scale is affixed.

A carbon fiber rod is placed on the top surface of the cartridge (we provide you with two), and the left/right height differences can be measured, as well as recorded for future reference.

If you have a traditional tonearm with a removable headshell, you will will be amazed at how hit and miss your adjustment attempts have been.

Even with our trusty Kuzma 4Points, we find this to be a useful tool.

Another benefit is conferred, if you purchase a cartridge from us and we perform a full QC on it.  You can use the gauge to re-establish the azimuth setting we arrived at with our Feickert software.

With a bit of practice, you can achieve 1/4 degree accuracy.  

True, that you need more precision than this, but we know of no other system (save perhaps laboratory, laser measurement tools) that approach this degree of accuracy and repeatability.

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