AnalogMagik Software

Version 2 (released in October, 2022)  - $1,100

Galibier Design - AnalogMagik

AnalogMagik Software

Note that owners of version 1 can download the updated software, which requires a new set of records (different test signals).  

To upgrade:

  • Purchase the records from us ($250)
  • Download and install the version-2 software
  • Your version 1 license key has authorization to run the new version.

Wait until you receive the version-2 records before updating to the version-2 software.  The records and corresponding software are not cross-compatible between versions.

A setup methodology such as the AnalogMagik and the  out of production Feickert Adjust Plus are two such tools for your analog quiver.

If you've downloaded our free setup guide (our mailing list subscribers receive a copy), you're familiar with setup interactions between the various parameters.  Feickert and AnalogMagik address this in slightly different ways.

We'll fill in the details in the near future.  In the meantime, click here to subscribe to our mailing list and qualify for discounts on AnalogMagik and all other items in the accessories section of our product page.

Key New Functionality in Version 2

  • Combined Left/Right Azimuth and VTA:  You've heard enough from us as to how these two critical parameters interact.  A-M listened.
  • Channel Balance
  • Zenith Error

Coming soon - our observations and practical use-cases.  

This software can be intimidating, and while their setup videos are helpful (we recommend viewing them), they're a bit generic in nature and we'll publish our "take" on the process shortly.

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