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NiWatt Update

Galibier Design - NiWatt 3D RenderingWith the number of design changes we’ve made to the NiWatt over the past 18 months, its initial release might well be called the NiWatt Mk-IV.

All of this is to say, that the design is stable and mature, and there will be no need for first year revisions (all too common with some manufacturers). 

Our customers like stable, mature designs …

The rendering shown here is a mock-up using the Sketchup program.  We had difficulty creating vacuum tubes in the actual 3D CAD modeling program and we thought this better represented the visual concept. 

  • The output transformer (the left, front box) could not be simulated.  In final production, it will be uncovered. 
  • The faceplate corners have softer edges than shown.
  • Also not shown are the tube ventilation holes surrounding each vacuum tube as well as the input RCA and XLR jacks.
  • The cutout in the center of the faceplate accommodates the jeweled pilot light and the on/off toggle switch.
  • Shown here is the left amplifier.  The amps are mirror-imaged (to shorten the signal path).

We baked a couple of options into the design and we’ll be discussing this in the next month.

We’re getting very close …