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The best, means the best for you!

With 24 years' experience designing and manufacturing turntables, we think we're uniquely positioned to evaluate, select, and configure an outstanding vinyl front end for you - whether it be one of our own Galibier Design models, or one from Kuzma or Feickert.

You won't find a shopping cart system on our website, because an investment like this involves extensive discussion to determine the right fit for you.

The turntables we deliver are fully set up, and depending on the model, are virtual plug and play upon receipt of delivery.  

If you subscribe to our mailing list, you'll receive a download link to the setup reports we produce for turntables we deliver.

The neighborhood hi-fi store may be fading into memory, but this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice service from your dealer.

Galibier Design - Kuzma Stabi R - Dual Mount (Arm Wing + Balcony)

Configured for you ...

Select from 9 turntables, 9 tonearms, and cartridges from 10 designers, to build a perfect match for you


Galibier Design - Kuzma Stabi R Turntable

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Choose from four Feickert models, two Kuzma models and our own Galibier Design turntables.


Galibier Design - Schroeder Tonearm

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We represent tonearms from eight (and soon to be nine) designers.


Galibier Design - Ortofon MC Verismo Cartridge

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From the humble Hana SL to the very best, choose from 10 cartridge designers, and we'll tailor this to your current tastes, your system, and your long-term goals.

From Thom @ Galibier Design

We've been designing turntables since 1999, and formed Galibier Design in 2003.  

We have very specific ideas about what constitutes a great turntable, and it's not about belts vs. idlers vs. direct drive, but the entirety of the design. 

We realize we can't be all things to all people, and in 2022 we began to represent the work of designers we hold in high regard.

None of this intended to diminish our designs, and our soon to be released Savoie will be something to behold - from our legendary TPI platter, to the "hot swappable" (choose belt or rim) drive modules.  Stay tuned for this in 2023.

Scroll down for some suggested combinations ...

Galibier Design - Picture of Thom


If you follow high-end cameras, you're likely aware that manufacturers have strengths and weaknesses within their product line.  

Where a Leica may excel in some areas, a Nikon might be superior for another application.  The same is true with turntable manufacturers.  

Below, we've highlighted the more popular models within each manufacturer's range, and we can discuss the features and benefits of other models in their lineup as well.

It would be false humility to recommend (for example) a Kuzma XL DC over our own Stelvio Mark II.  

At the other end of the pricing spectrum, Galibier can in no way offer a competitive product at the Feickert Volare's price point.  Manufacturing in the USA is too expensive, and we insist on having "boots on the ground" control over every step in the manufacturing process.

Too many to enumerate

Combinations are many, and in working with you, we'll configure your vinyl front end with an eye toward your ultimate system.  That first system may be as far as you ever want to take it, but should you have further aspirations, we'll advise you on the best approach to take.  

The combinations below are merely suggestions, although they have been proven to be good ones.

Expert setup

As we reflect on 40 years of setting up vinyl front ends, we get better with each passing year - as it should be.  

We'll set up your turntable/tonearm/cartridge package.  

Depending on the tonearm configuration, it will be near plug and play when you unbox it and set it on your shelf.

While supplies last

We have a limited supply of Jelco SA-250 tonearms - manufactured with Artisan Audio branding.  They're reserved for specific turntable packages we've identified as being ideal combinations.  These Jelcos will be upgraded with our arm stub and counterweight modification.

Turntables from Kuzma

Stabi S

Taking both performance and implementation flexibility into account, the Kuzma Stabi S may well be the best value in turntables we've encountered.

Shown in here, is the optional, external controller.  The Stabi S can be specified in either single or dual arm configurations, with any combination of 9 and 12" tonearms.

Know that this turntable is not over matched by the 4Point-9.

Click the photo to learn more about the Stabi S.

Stabi R

The Stabi R builds on the success of the Stabi S.

Kuzma has four different tonearm mounting systems, but we recommend only two.  Contact us to find out why.

Like the Stabi S, the Stabi R is an excellent platform for your single or dual tonearm rig.

Start with a Jelco arm (while supplies last), and upgrade to a 4Point, using the same armboard!

Click the photo to learn more about the Stabi R.

Contact us to discuss the Stabi Ref 2, Stabi M, XL DC, and Air turntable models.

Feickert Turntables


The Volare can be thought of as Feickert's price and performance equivalent to Kuzma's Stabi S.  

If you're not the sort of individual who will contemplate running two tonearms, the Volare might be for you

Popular tonearm combinations include Schick and Kuzma Stogi S tonearms.

Click the photo to learn more about the Volare.


The Woodpecker is the next step up from the Volare.

Fit with the optional high inertia platter and linear power supply, we position the Woodpecker between the two Kuzma turntables.

Like the Volare, it was designed for use with a single tonearm.  Its larger platform accommodates many longer tonearms.

Click the photo to learn more about the Woodpecker.

Contact us to discuss both the Blackbird and Firebird turntables.

and ... from Galibier (but of course!)

The Stelvio

Did we mention that we build turntables?

Our Stelvio turntable - the culmination of everything we learned about turntable design (but stay tuned for our upcoming Savoie).

The Savoie

Our soon to be released Savoie is a bit of a departure for us, although it builds on everything we've learned about turntable design over the past 24 years.

One of key feature is its modular / convertible drive system.

Hot swap between belt drive and rim drive!


november 15, 2022

Thom Mackris is a person of utmost integrity and is a true expert in analog music reproduction.

I first contacted Thom to purchase a new tonearm. My objective was to address what appeared to be a compatibility issue between my (recently acquired) existing arm and cartridge.

Rather than take advantage of an easy sale, Thom encouraged me to get to the root cause of problem before spending significant money on new equipment. We discussed a variety of alternate potential causes and solutions over many weeks

I ultimately sent my tonearm to Thom for evaluation, and he found it to be in good working order. I then sent him my cartridge for a full setup and alignment. Thom took the time to consult with the designer of my cartridge (for which he is not a dealer) in order to establish optimum alignment parameters. Once the setup was completed, Thom found no compatibility issues, and stated that the performance of.this arm and cartridge combination was something he could happily live with for many years.. So, he shipped the cartridge and arm back to me.

After reinstalling the arm snd cartridge on my turntable, the music produced by Thom’s setup was nothing short of revelatory. The detail, tonal quality and imaging surpassed anything I’d previously heard from my system,. The improvement surpassed that of many equipment “upgrades’ each costing several times that of Thom’s setup. Problem solved totally, completely and beyond expectations.

Based on my experience I cannot recommend Thom Mackris and Gabilier Design highly enough. Thom is now my “go to” source for any aspect of analog playback including equipment selection, turntable setup and troubleshooting. I could not be more pleased.

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