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300B SETs and 89dB Speakers – are you NUTs?

Galibier Design - NiWatt Amps Driving Von Schweikert LoudspeakersWho, in their right mind would ever dream of matching a 300B SET amplifier to an 89dB speaker?

The NiWatts have been on a local tour as we await the first batch of production chassis – this, in preparation for their Fall tour to the East Coast.

Yesterday, I put them to a real test – with speakers that no 300B amplifier has any right to expect to drive to satisfactory levels – Von Schweikerts.

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New Release – Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Galibier Design - Phono Cable
Our copper litz phono cable

The importance of the last step in developing a product is underestimated by many individuals. 

Of course, a lot goes into the concept stage, along with the product’s design, development and prototyping, but moving forward into production requires you to take one last sober look at your design to see whether you’ve met your targets. 

You need to be willing to tip over game board and start over.

Development our cables was no exception.

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It’s About Speed

Race CarOur recent announcement of a revision to our 2014 controller got me to thinking about how people think about speed stability. 

Based on initial responses to our Spring, 2018 upgrade offering, I suspect that we have many happy customers who think that the 2014 update is as good as it gets.  

It’s not … the 2018 revision takes speed stability it to the next level and it’s virtues are not necessarily what you’d expect.

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It’s Not Always What You Think …

Galibier Design - Motor ControllerI’ve been thinking about our drive system for quite some time – specifically the onboard regulation in our controller boards which is a holdover from the days of battery supplies. 

I’ve been performing successive tuning of it over the past few months, and last week I asked myself whether it is in fact necessary as well as whether its elimination would have any positive effects.

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Are Lyras Bright Cartridges?

Galibier Design - Lyra CartridgeI wrote a response in a forum to a fellow who was having trouble with his Lyra Delos cartridge.  The conversation naturally shifted to “Lyras are clinical” and such.  Nothing can be further from the truth with recent generations of Lyras. 

This commentary has relevance to cartridge selection in general (by no means limited to Lyra).  My post follows.

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