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What Do Guitars Have to Do With Configuring a Hi-Fi System?

One of my diversions involves building and rebuilding Fender style guitars.

This particular project has been ongoing for quite some time, and as I’ll explain, it’s been fraught with pitfalls, much like trying to dial in your hi-fi system.

So you might ask … other than this being a musical instrument, what this has to do with hi-fi.

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Galibier Design - Kapton BeltWe’ve been advocates of rigid drive belts for over two decades.

As much as our early experiments are burned into my memory, I never cease to be amazed at how tunable a turntable drive system can be, merely as a result of drive belt selection.

With the release of our new drive system, it was time to return to first principles and review variations of this concept, and (why not?) throw a rubber belt into the mix for sake of comparison.
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System Setup and Balance

Galibier Design - Sky DancerA few days ago, I wrote about musicans’ risk taking and how we make similar decisions when configuring and setting up our hi-fi systems.

In this post I’d like to comment on some misunderstood setup parameters, and in the next one, I’ll cover system configuration.

As I wrote earlier, I’m all about dynamics, tone color, musical pacing and rhythmic “intelligibility”.

Of course, when we focus on individual attributes, there’s always the risk losing site of the whole picture.   I’ve found that the above 4 attributes however, serve as a good measuring stick for a system that’s faithful to music.
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