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A Creative Demo – Part 2

Galibier Design - Reed Tonearm MountIn part 1, we laid out a strategy for auditioning multiple tonearms and cartridges on both a Galibier Eiger prototype and our customer’s turntable (from another manufacturer).

In this post, we finalize how we adapted the customer’s existing armboard to work correctly with his mis-specified Reed 2A tonearm. 

Mis-specified tonearm?  Strong words, I know.

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A Creative Demo

Galibier Design - Reed Tonarm MountWe’re remounting a Reed 2P tonearm for a good customer of ours.  The ‘table is from another manufacturer and the individual who mounted it apparently didn’t understand the Reed’s many quirks which I describe in part-2.

I can’t begin to tell you how many $30k to $60K turntable mounts I’ve had to correct – mounts which were off by several millimeters!

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Guitar Amps vs. HiFi Amps

I’ve been thinking about guitar amplifiers lately, and their relationship to hi-fi amplifiers.

The common “knowledge” is that they’re entirely different – with a guitar amplifier being a tone producer (even a “clean” jazz guitar amplifier) and  a hi-fi amplifier being  tone reproducer.

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300B SETs and 89dB Speakers – are you NUTs?

Galibier Design - NiWatt Amps Driving Von Schweikert LoudspeakersWho, in their right mind would ever dream of matching a 300B SET amplifier to an 89dB speaker?

The NiWatts have been on a local tour as we await the first batch of production chassis – this, in preparation for their Fall tour to the East Coast.

Yesterday, I put them to a real test – with speakers that no 300B amplifier has any right to expect to drive to satisfactory levels – Von Schweikerts.

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