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COVID, Goldilox and the Three Cables

Galibier Design - Goldilocks

With COVID and social distancing restrictions,  we’re more reliant on feedback from our beta testers, other trusted individuals, and of course our customers through our 30-day approval program for our cable designs.

The results have been encouraging, and there have been a few “anticipated surprises” along the way.  Is there such a thing as an anticipated surprise?  Is that a known, unknown? 

We got to thinking about whether a Goldilocks cable is possible.

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Slumming With a Denon DL 103R

Galibier Design - Denon DL 103R and Jelco
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After setting up an Ikeda arm and cartridge last week (link to that post is here), I took to rearranging my stable of cartridges which are mounted to removable, Jelco headshells.  One of them is a Denon DL 103R.

It occurred to me that it’s been years since I’ve run that cartridge, and more importantly, that it never had the benefit of my current tool set – including the Feickert software and a USB microscope.   What would a setup with modern tools yield?

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Socially Distancing and Installing Turntables

Galibier Design - Ikeda Headshell
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A customer purchased an Ikeda 345 tonearm and Ikeda Kai cartridge. 

Because of COVID-19 guidelines on social distancing, we got creative and set his arm and cartridge up remotely. 

The goal was to perform the setup chez Galibier and provide as near of a plug and play installation for the customer as possible – while being 2,000 miles from the customer’s listening room.

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One Customer’s Opinion

Galibier Design - Drive Pulley Close-upOur customers expect a lot of us, and one of them is a fellow you may know from his Audiogon screen name: “palasr”.

He was an early Galibier adopter and when Joel Durand asked me for recommendations for a beta test group for the Durand Talea, he was one of the first people who came to mind.

He just received delivery of his controller update and conveyed his impressions to me.

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Drive System Retrofits for Other Turntables

Galibier Design - Motor ControllerThrough the years, Verdier and Redpoint owners  (as well as owners of other turntables) have been persistent in their requests for a Galibier drive system (we’re flattered).

Leveraging lessons learned from our recent drive system update, we have streamlined our production capabilities, and we’re proud to announce that we have re-instituted our drive system retrofit/upgrade program for you.
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