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July, 2019

We’ll edit these items and post photos soon …

Mark 1.5 Gavia
    • We’ll be retrofitting this turntable to receive a Mk 1.5 armboard. 
    • After the update, it will be functionally identical in performance to the Mark-II Gavia (apart from being limited to a single arm). 
    • This turntable will be fit with a new Gavia platter & bearing as well as the soon to be released 2019 drive system update.  All moving parts will be new.
Serac Turntable $2,500 (power supply is extra – see below)

We’re about to receive a matched Serac platter and bearing set in trade.  The customer is upgrading to a Gavia platter.

We have some left over bases and one Serac motor pod, and we will build you an as-new Serac as follows:

    • The bearing will be fully inspected and any wearing parts in the thrust interface will be replaced (thrust plate and thrust ball).  The bearing will be in as new condition after these steps.
    • We will build a 2019 drive system for the table (drive system to be released at the end of July, 2019).  Customers are paying $1,295 to upgrade to this drive system which is used on our Stelvio and Gavia turntables.
    • The base will be painted standard black.
    • Armboard will be for an Artisan (Jelco 250) tonearm.  Blank armboards are available as well, and can be substituted (drilling fee for your arm is $150).
    • There are some minor flaws in the motor pod and we’ll do our best to polish them out. 
    • Power supply will be extra.  See our support page for recommendations (ranging from $80 to $420), and contact us for advice in selecting.

The Serac may be our greatest technical achievement and biggest commercial flop.  We put all of our r&d into performance, and compromised on cosmetics to deliver it at its price point.  In retrospect, we realized that the market preferred a bit more cosmetics, but we could  have never delivered so much sound at this price point if we had done so.

Nördost power and speaker cables
    • These are the Frey series.  We’re selling these for a customer who’s converting to Galibier cables.
Shröder CB tonearm (carbon arm wand). 
    • The owner is replacing it with a custom wood wand version of the arm.
Stelvio Drive System
    • We received a turntable in trade and the motor pod suffered some minor shipping damage (not visible when viewed from the front).
    • The right owner can have this motor pod + our soon to be released 2019 drive update for $1,295.
    • The centerline of the drive belt is 4.5″ above the turntable shelf.
    • Add a drive belt and power supply, and you have a Stelvio-class drive system. Contact us for details.

Lyra Kleos Mono: $$$ Sold $$$

We have a customer who is the second owner of this Lyra Kleos Mono cartridge.

It was advertised as having 200 hours on it.

Shortly after receiving delivery, he decided to purchase an Etna mono cartridge to match his Etna SL Stereo cartridge.

My customer got so far as to mount the cartridge in the headshell, but has never aligned it, nor played any records with the cartridge.

Click photos to expand, and contact us for details on both this cartridge as well as new Lyra cartridges.

Galibier Design - Bargain Bin TaleaDurand Talea Mk-I Tonearm: $$$ Sold $$$

Galibier Design - Bargain Bin TaleaOne of my customers is selling a first generation Talea tonearm (click photos for expanded view).

This is a local customer and I have inspected and set up the arm.  Condition is 9/10.

I view both Talea generations to be the equal of the current Kairos tonearm – this because of the wood arm wand on the Taleas.

If the Kairos had a wood wand, I suspect that it would be the superior tonearm, but I have to say, that I think Joel took a step backwards in moving to the composite arm wands in both the Kairos and the Telos.

I get why he did it. Maintaining quality control with the wood wands is not a simple or inexpensive task. Considering that the Telos is a cost no object design, I’m surprised he didn’t retain the wood wand on the Telos.

Galibier Design - Bargain Bin TaleaTake these musings as one person’s opinion and nothing more, but know that this particular Talea is a wonderful tonearm.

When you factor the price of an interconnect into a Kairos ($500 to $1K), this Talea (with its included interconnect) becomes a great deal at its asking price.

Galibier Design - Bargain Bin TaleaGalibier Design - Bargain Bin TaleaGalibier Design - Bargain Bin Talea

ZYX Omega Lapis Lazuli MONO Cartridge: $$$ Sold $$$

Galibier Design - ZYX Mono CartridgeA good customer of ours has far too many cartridges and is parting with his ZYX cartridge. The following is his description:

Priced very fairly for a quick sale. (MSRP is $5695).

Ships FREE anywhere in the good ol’ U.S. of A. PayPal is welcome and adds the usual small fee. Other payment methods are also welcome. 

Here we have a young, beautiful example of the gorgeous Omega Lapis Lazuli MONO cartridge from the artisans at ZYX in Japan. Purchased new from Mehran at SORASound, the one and only authorized distributor in North America.  The full model designation includes X-SB, which means the coils are ultra-pure 6N crystal copper (preferred by virtually all audiophiles) and it also includes the optional ($200) Silver Base, which is actually a top plate for the cartridge (seen in the photos).       

How does the ZYX Omega sound? Well, it sounds incredible, to be honest.

Here is what Myles Astor said in Positive Feedback: 

“In a nutshell, the ZYX Omega G is one of the most musically engaging and satisfying cartridges that I’ve heard in quite some time. Many times I found myself unconsciously reacting to the music on the albums exactly like I would at a concert or jazz club. Head bobbing. Shoulders swaying. Wanting to applaud after an exceptional solo.”

This cartridge is still in its infancy!  I opened the sealed box in October of 2016.  Due to extensive travel, it has seen less than 6 months of active duty, and it has maybe ~100 hours on it. It may not even be fully broken in at this point.

So by now you’re probably wondering, why am I selling my ZYX Omega MONO? Definitely NOT because I’ve found something better! This is still the very best mono cartridge I have ever heard. But the simple fact is that I need cash to fund other audio ventures, and . . . something’s got to go!

And the late Harry Pearson liked it even more:

“Its most startling characteristic is a degree of purity unheard of in a a moving coil design.”

“You’ll hear how precisely rendered are any of the sound it decodes, this it does with a purity and low distortion that elude everyone else’s design, and that means virtually all of the competition.”

“It has the widest soundstage of all the cartridges we evaluated, and ,thus, the very best separation figures (and even makes sonic “sense” of that wide separation)”

“And because of its carzy-glue-like way of sticking to a groove, it has the lowest audible distortion thus the purity and the sense of sparkle aplenty.”

Any questions? Just ask, and I’ll try to answer quickly.

Many thanks for looking!