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Fall, 2017 – NiWatt Pre-Production Kickoff Sale!

We considered doing a kickstarter to fund the first production run of NiWatt amplifiers, but decided to run this sale instead.

There are three parts to this kickoff promotion:

  • Two brand-new builds: a Gavia-II and a Stelvio-II – priced at 50% off (below dealer cost).  Also, refer to the Serac offering, below.
  • The purchaser of either of these three turntables qualifies purchase of a new pair of NiWatt amplifiers at 20% off the advertised price for one year after delivery of your turntable.
  • Add a new or demo Durand, Kuzma, or Artisan tonearm.  Contact us for details and availability.

New Gavia-II: ready to ship – $8,875 (single arm version)

Galibier Design - Gavia IIThe Gavia is a brand new build which we assembled for the photo shoot seen on the Gavia page (click thumbnail photo for details).  It’s ready for break-in and shipping to its new home.

Add optional second arm wing and armboard for $375.  This upgrade normally costs $1,750 (an extra armboard alone costs $725).

Add local setup/mentoring session (Continental US & Canada only) for $750.



New Stelvio-II: custom finished to your specifications – $13,875

The Stelvio is waiting forGalibier Design: Stelvio-II - High Angle View your selection of custom finish (platinum gray metallic shown).

Add local setup/mentoring session (Continental US & Canada only) for $375.

This too, will be a brand-new build, and due to finishing and parts procurement, delivery time will be approximately 8 weeks).

Click the thumbnail photo for details on the Stelvio.

Storage Cleanup – Unfinished Serac: $2,475

While reorganizing our storage, we came across a prototype Serac platter with matching bearinGalibier Design - Seracg.  We also uncovered a few unfinished Serac bases.

We’ll match this bearing/platter with a new drive system (a $1,295 value), complete the build with an unfinished base and a new mark-I armboard drilled for your tonearm.  The motor pod will be re-finished as well.

Galibier Design - Serac Turntable

  • Finish in semi-gloss black for an additional $125 (click on thumbnail photo for example).
  • Add Artisan tonearm and Discovery Cable plus-4 interconnect for $495.
  • The Serac purchaser also receives the same 20% NiWatt discount referenced in the Gavia and Stelvio offerings, above. 



This prototype platter is a modified Serac (PVC) platter, adapted for the TPI interface.  This mat is graphite and not carbon fiber.  It’s sonically identical to the carbon fiber version, but not as pretty.  After building it, we liked what we heard, but production costs were out of line with the Serac costing model.  Platter condition is 8/10 due to a few minor blemishes on the platter surface.

Serac History

The Serac was a design exercise to see how much performance we could extract at the lowest cost.

  • The bearing and drive system are identical to the Gavia and Stelvio drive systems. These two components were non-negotiable, and we’re unaware of any other turntable manufacturer who specifies identical bearings and drive systems across their complete product line.
  • We contained costs by specifying PVC for the platter (superior to acrylic) as opposed to the complex, multi-layer platters of the Gavia and Stelvio.
  • The base is fabricated from MDF.  We found the base to be the least critical component in terms of sonic return per dollar spent.
  • The armboard is identical to the Mark-I Gavia pivoting armboards (see the Galibier Museum for photos of Mark-I turntables).