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November, 2019

New items arrive on a regular basis.  Check back for updates.

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Exasound E20 Mk III DAC

Our friend, neighbor and Positive Feedback Reviewer, Lynn Olson is upgrading to Exasound’s 8-channel DAC – the E38.

We just compared the two DACs today in our Galibier Reference system.  Yes, The E38 is better than the E20 Mk III, and at $4K it should be.  If you’re viewing this ad however, you are very likely familiar with this fine Canadian company – that they don’t know how to release a dud.

The key thing about both DACs is that while they’re highly resolving, they treat sub-optimal sources kindly.  You can enjoy not only your hi-res files, but YouTube as well.

I’ll be writing about today’s demo in a blog post shortly and will update this section with a link.

The Teddy Pardo is a significant upgrade and is our power supply of choice for our turntables.

Click thumbnails for expanded view (note – Teddy Pardo Supply is shown):

Galibier Design - Exasound DAC           Galibier Design - Exasound DAC          Galibier Design - Exasound DAC

Serac Turntable $2,750 with standard (Astron) power supply

Galibier Design - Serac Turntable
Serac – standard gloss black

We received a matched Serac platter and bearing set in trade from a customer who is upgrading to a Gavia platter / bearing.  All of our platters are matched to their own bearings.

The photos shown are of a previous build as well as a build in progress (before the base was painted).

We have some left over bases and one Serac motor pod, and we will build you a Serac as follows:

  • The bearing is in “as new” condition.  It has been inspected and the thrust ball has been upgraded to our 2019, ceramic bearing.  A new thrust pad was fit to the bearing.
  • All aluminum parts are either new (armboard, front pillar, motor pod top plate) or will be re-polished to new condition (motor pod).
  • The platter has been lovingly cared for and is in new cosmetic condition.
  • This turntable will have our soon to be released 2019 drive system which is fit to our Gavia and Stelvio turntables.  Expected receipt of machined parts for this drive system update is late August.
  • The base will be painted standard black.
  • A blank armboard will be drilled for the tonearm of your choosing.  Contact us for specifics and compatibility (the armboard can be drilled for most tonearms including most 12″ arms).
  • The standard power supply is by Astron.  We highly recommend the Teddy Pardo supply, and we can walk you through the differences.  You can purchase the “Teddy” directly from him and we will credit you $80 if you opt for the Teddy Pardo.
Galibier Design - Serac
Serac – Prior to Painting Base

The Serac may be our greatest technical achievement and biggest commercial flop.  We put all of our r&d into performance, and compromised on cosmetics to deliver it at its price point.

In retrospect, we realized that the market preferred a bit more cosmetics, but we could  have never delivered so much sound at this price point if we had done so.

Add an Artisan (Jelco SA-250) tonearm for an additional $375.

DIY-er’s special:  paint the base yourself and save $250.

On average, we receive one or two Serac platter / bearing sets annually in trade from customers upgrading to a Gavia platter / bearing .

We’ve been building Seracs with the few  Serac bases we’ve kept on hand.  This may be the last Serac we release as the motor pod is the sole remaining one.   While we may release future Seracs with Gavia motor pods, the price would have to increase by $500 to cover machining expenses.

Put this into perspective:  our customers are paying $1,295 to upgrade to this identical drive system on their Stelvio and Gavia turntables – a drive system which we’re proud of specifying for these 5-figure turntables and which competes against cost no object turntables.

For an additional $1,450, you’re getting an entire turntable with the same bearing we specify for the Gavia and Stelvio turntables.

Gavia / Stelvio Drive System – DIY-er’s Special

We received a turntable in trade and the motor pod suffered some minor shipping damage (not visible when viewed from the front).

The right owner can have this motor pod + our soon to be released 2019 drive update for $1,395.  We normally charge $1,295 for the drive system update (without motor pod).

The centerline of the drive belt is 4.5″ above the turntable shelf.  On the bottom, are 3, 1/4-20 threaded holes to which you can affix a hardwood “riser” should you have a taller turntable.

Add a Kapton drive belt ($80) and power supply, and you have a Stelvio-class drive system. Contact us for details.  The photos below were taken to document the shipping damage to the original owner.   We can shoot a front view should you be interested in this.

Click thumbnail photos for larger view:

Galibier Design - Motor Pod Shipping Damage (JC)          Galibier Design - Motor Pod Shipping Damage (JC)

Mark 1.5 Gavia – waiting on deposit $$$ sold $$$:

    • We retrofit this turntable to receive a Mk 1.5 armboard.
    • The Mk 1.5 armboard was re-drilled for a Kuzma 4Point tonearm
    • This turntable is functionally identical in performance to the Mark-II Gavia, apart from being limited to a single arm.
    • A new Gavia platter & bearing has been fit to this turntable.
    • It is awaiting release of our 2019 drive system update (early August).
    • In other words, all moving parts are be new.

Various Setup Tools

  • SmartTractor alignment gauge – $250 (MSRP: $649)
  • Sutherland Timeline – $150 (out of production – MSRP was $400)
  • KAB Speed Strobe – $45 (MSRP: $110)
  • Rega Atlas Stylus Gauge – $99 (MSRP: $249)
  • Dino-Lite 7915MZT USB Microscope – $250 (MSRP: $1,000)

Click the thumbnail photos for expanded view, and contact Michael to purchase (stei7141@gmail.com).

Galibier Design - Sutherland Timeline Galibier Design - Sutherland Timeline Galibier Design - Sutherland Timeline Galibier Design - SmartTractor Galibier Design - SmartTractor Galibier Design - Rega Atlas Scale Galibier Design - Rega Atlas Scale Galibier Design - Rega Atlas Scale Galibier Design - Dinolite Microscope Galibier Design - Dinolite Microscope Galibier Design - Dinolite Microscope Galibier Design - BB_KAB Strobe  Galibier Design - KAB Strobe