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August 26, 2017

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  1. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm
  2. Gavia Mk-I Turntable upgraded to Mk 1.5 status (as available)
  3. Dynavector XV1-s
  4. Mint Lp Protractor for Tri-Planar Tonearm


  • We “refresh” our demo stock every 12-18 months and you’ll find those items (as well as items we receive in trade) on this page.  These items are typically in 9/10 condition.
  • Click the items above to navigate directly to the item of interest, or scroll down this page.
  • To inquire about any of these items, either e-mail us, or use the contact form in the contact page.

Detailed Descriptions:

Brinkman 10.5 tonearm – 2,500€

The tonearm is in as near mint condition as one could state while still having been removed from the box. It does not however, have the original boxes and materials, but these can be provided at an additional cost.  Condition is according to Frank Schröder who took the tonearm in trade.

New price is 4,500€.

The arm is in Germany, so factor shipping if you live outside of Western Europe.  Contact us at Galibier for more details.

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Gavia Turntable Conversions – starting at $6,495 (plus options and upgrades)

Galibier Design - Gavia 1.5
Gavia 1.5 Conversion

Currently, no Gavias are available.

They arrive on a semi-regular basis as customers trade in their turntables.

This section describes the options available for these re-manufactured and upgraded Mk-I turntables.

The Platinum Gray Metallic turntable shown here is a previous conversion which was custom painted.

After completion, this remanufactured Gavia will have all new moving parts (motor drive, bearing, and platter)and a Mk 1.5 armboard drilled for the tonearm of your choice:

Upgrades alone (not including new bearing and platter) are valued at $2,295:

  • New build, current motor controller (the normal upgrade price for our new drive system is $1,295).
  • Base conversion – arm cutout to accommodate Mk 1.5 armboard (a $1,000 modification).
  • New Gavia TPI platter
  • New bearing
  • New, Mk 1.5 (sliding, micro-fine adjustable) armboard drilled for the tonearm of your choice
  • Front pillar for use with Mk 1.5 armboards: $395 (works as a “pinky lift” as well as protecting area under the cartridge/headshell).
  • Painted in the automotive color of your choice – $995. The base, motor pod and front pillar can be painted to any automotive color you choose (photo shows Audi, platinum gray metallic).
  • Tonearms – inquire. We are authorized dealers of Durand (Kairos), Kuzma, Artisan and Tri-Planar.
Galibier Design - Gavia 1.5
Gavia 1.5 Conversion Cavity

Shown at the left is the conversion cavity which is post-machined into the base to ensure compatibility with tonearms having either an arm stub or arm cable which projects through the bottom of the armboard.

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Dynavector XV1s – $TBD

I’ve heard this XV1s and it’s still performing very well (at the time a new Lyra Atlas displaced it).
The customer does not have an estimate of the number of hours.

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Mint LP protractor for Tri-Planar tonearm – $70

Engraved on the protractor, is: “for Galibier”.

Yip at Mint LP is extremely exacting, and when he specifies a protractor, he doesn’t like excess play around the record spindle. Because of this, your Mint protractor may not fit over the record spindle of all turntables.

You will find turntable manufacturers have different interpretations of record spindle diameters. While there is an RIAA specification, record manufacturers are all over the map with respect to holding tolerance on the record hole.

At Galibier, we specify a .281″ diameter record spindle because we don’t think you should ever have to twist a record to remove it from your platter.

Many of the American decks specify a diameter in the .282 to .283 range, for similar reasons.  Most Thorens ‘tables run in the .286″ to .287″ range.

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