What would it take to have fun listening to your hi-fi again?





Remember the intense love of music that once fueled your hi-fi journey?


 Somewhere along the way, the gear began to own you.












Let’s reclaim ownership of our musical choices!


Our philosophy is quite simple: to recognize that a hi-fi component has only one job – to invite you to a musical event. It’s a time machine, or as Lynn Olson once wrote, an  “Illusion Engine”. As he comments in that essay:

“a hi-fi system is really an Illusion Engine, a type of mechanical contrivance that hypnotizes the audience into thinking musicians are somehow present (or at least nearby). If the contrivance fails in this, it fails utterly, just as a magic trick entertains or it doesn’t.”

The more you get to know us, the more you will appreciate the musical contribution Galibier can be to you.







A Galibier product is likely very different from any product you have ever owned!



When you pass through our doors, you leave the realm of “one size fits all” audio and you regain control of your musical enjoyment!








As we work together through the commissioning of your Galibier, you will come to trust your knowing, and this self knowledge will ultimately restore the joy to your musical experience.

We listen!

Our awareness at Galibier is that the hi-fi industry at large has lost its musical compass.  Our musical visionary heritage is at risk of being lost and with it, our musical future.

When a Galibier customer begins to talk about music played through his hi-fi in musical performance terms (not using hi-fi jargon), we know we’ve changed someone’s life. 

We respect the past, while employing state of the art manufacturing facilities (our machinists sub-contract for NASA), but this would be irrelevant if the technology didn’t support musical sensibilities.

We encourage you to visit us and see for yourself!

We Build …

Galibier Design FlagGalibier products are designed and manufactured in the United States, where we oversee every step of the production process.


Galibier Design - Eiger Turntable

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Our soon to be released rim drive Eiger turntable incorporates everything we’ve learned from the Stelvio and Gavia turntables, and as one of our customers said (upon hearing a prototype): 

“The rim drive is a revolutionary (as opposed to evolutionary) development. I have heard just about every contender for ‘best turntable in the world’.  What I heard on Saturday night is the best vinyl I have ever heard…and second place isn’t that close.”

Galibier Design - Stelvio-II Turntable

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Their calling card of our Stelvio and Gavia turntables is the rare combination of nuance and power.  We don’t believe in compromises at Galibier.

Whether it’s full-on Mahler, The Who, or the most delicate solo soprano, our turntables get out of the way and let the music through.

Galibier Design - NiWatt Amplifier

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This is not your grandfather’s 300B.  Stay tuned for a late Fall, 2016 release (shown above is a pre-production prototype).

Nuance and power without compromise is a theme here at Galibier and the NiWatt is no exception.